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A Summary of the Most Fascinating Role-Playing Games for Android

If you are looking for some role-playing games to play on the weekend, check our essay below. Today, we recommend here 3 amazing role-playing games to experience on Android smartphones. Check them out right now!

Pocket Legends

Pocket Legends for Android is one of the most popular role-playing games on mobile platforms, featuring colorful cartoon graphics, vast game maps, point-and-click gameplay, and a rich mission system as well as many unique items to collect. This game has millions of downloads and its mobile version is also rated as the "Best Smartphone Game 2011."

In Pocket Legends apk, instead of becoming warriors, the player will choose heroes like hawks, bears or goblins and take on the mission to save the world Alterra from zombies, aliens, and crocodiles.

Pocket Legends has 5 main character classes: Warrior, Enchantress, Arche, Paladin, and Ranger. All these warriors are beasts with funny cartoon graphics. Joining the game, players will take on the task of controlling adventure heroes in the vast game world, conquering a series of dangerous challenges, collecting weapons and protective items and step by step defeating enemies to bring the Alterra kingdom out of evil. In addition to Solo mode, Pocket Legends Co-op and PvP modes and integrates the online chat system so that global gamers can talk to each other with emotion icons.

In the beginning, players will have to pass certain maps before going to the Main Town. In this early stages, all your opponents are AI and each mission to complete will be displayed on the screen, such as destroying the zombie wave ahead or releasing prisoners. If you win, you will receive rewards and important items to customize the character.

Pocket Legends owns a Point-and-click combat system and touch operations that work quite well on mobile devices. Players can touch the virtual joystick button on the screen to move the character and touch the Auto button to attack. When going to higher levels, the skills will be added and the corresponding activation button will also appear on the game screen interface for gamers to use. If you like to know why Pocket Legend has been popular like that, download and experience by yourself!

Main features:

The map in the game is built very elaborately with different types of terrain such as caves, swamps, steppes, and so on.

Boxes, skill boards, and friends lists are integrated and displayed in a very easy-to-use card format. Each character will have all 12 common skills and 1 special skill.

Clothes, weapons of the characters in the game change according to the item level

Features of online games such as grouping, chat channels, expressive icons, and funny movements.

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Valkyrie Profile

Although Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth is a game that has been released for a long time, its storyline is extremely attractive and eye-catching. It is not only a role-playing game but also contains challenges requiring gamers to brainstorm.

In Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth, you will be one of the Valkyries of Odin in Norse mythology, Lenneth. Lenneth used to be a human being, and most of the story in the game tells of a way to search for forgotten memories in her immortal life. What is interesting here is that the game plot is viewed through a third perspective, a rather special point for an RPG in this era.

During the game, you will wander around the world in search of the souls of mighty people destroyed and lost, to find those who deserve to join the Einherjar - warriors who will serve in the wars of the gods. It sounds simple but the task of finding souls is a difficult process.

Not only that, the combination of combos, weapons, environments you can interact with a complex but fascinating story, Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth really stands out and differentiate compared to countless modern games on mobile devices.

The gameplay of Valkyries Profile: Lenneth is built according to the familiar turn-based style, quite convenient for gamers already familiar with the game series on the phone. Valkyries Profile: Lenneth apk may be considered a great choice for those who are too fed up with the current online mobile games, and need to find a game with depth.

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Final Fantasy Tactics: The War Of The Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions for Android is a completely new vcrsion of Final Fantasy Tactics, which was first released on the PlayStation in 1997. This mobile version has a compelling storyline, multi-language integration and the ability to support links among players on the touch control system. Also, the loading time through the screen has also been significantly improved. You will not have to wait too long to embark on the struggles within the House of Beoulve of Ivalice with a close friendship and the confusion of the lower social classes. The story drags players at a fast pace, while the gameplay "slows down" to make players learn and explore the battle system and the characters themselves.

Besides this, gamers will always have to be cautious when evaluating their team members. Each of them started as a landlord or pharmacist but could develop into monks, witches or murderers later on down the line. At the same time, each person can also temporarily switch to another character when playing and use their special abilities.

The matches are very cool and dramatic, depending on the flexibility of how to use the team members. Players always have to brainstorm to determine which strategies they should use first. Wasting a spell can also give the opponent an advantage because you will not have enough mana needed. In addition, there are attacks used, if not careful, you will harm your own comrades because you cannot delay the attack when it is chosen.

Graphics in Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions is quite nice and smooth, continues to use funny, familiar "non-nose" characters with 3D shapes. Image quality has been improved to be compatible with resolutions on mobile devices. Download this game to explore its features now!

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Overall, each game has its own unique features and attractions, let give them a try to enjoy exciting moments with your friends. Download these games for free from Google Play Store. Have fun!
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