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mals come in about every c

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mals come in about every c

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BEIJING Roquan Smith Bears Jersey , Feb. 24 (Xinhuanet) -- The Somali-based Islamist group al-Shabaab released a video Saturday, threatening to attack shopping centers in the US, Canada and the UK. The video names potential targets, including one of the largest malls in the US.

On the video released by al-Shabaab - they celebrate their attack on the Westgate Shopping Mall in Nairobi, Kenya in 2013 which killed more than 60 people.

The video then calls for attacks on shopping centers in the US, France Khalil Mack Bears Jersey , Canada and the UK - The world's biggest, the Mall of America in Minnesota, is highlighted in the video.

Security has been stepped up at the mall and several others mentioned including this one in Paris. Authorities maintain there is no specific or credible threat but they are urging vigilance.

""I'm not telling people to not go to the mall. I think there needs to be an awareness, there needs to be vigilance and you know, be careful, obviously Kevin White Youth Jersey ,"" US Homeland Security Chief Jeh Johnson said.

Shoppers at the Mall of America seemed to shrug off the threat.

It's uncertain what effect this video will have. It is targeting potential lone wolfs who are not part of al-Shabaab's Somali network but sympathizers- potential radicals in the US, UK, Canada and France.

The threat to the mall of America may not be a coincidence. It is based in Minnesota which has the largest concentration of ethnic Somalis in the United States. One in three of those live in US live in Minnesota. Some young people have already been recruited by Al-Shabaab and have travelled to Somalia and Kenya.

(Source: CNTV)


If you run an online business, you will soon discover that it requires work, especially if you want to succeed, which goes against the popular idea that you can kick back on a beach somewhere and watch thousands of dollars roll into your account. However Adam Shaheen Youth Jersey , the most successful online entrepreneurs and marketers have succeeded in building their businesses from nothing and are earn six figures online by building virtual teams, which handle their workload. Due to low costs, you will find that having access to your very one team of remote workers will take your business to the next level by allowing you to scale up your sales and lead generation.

First and foremost, realize the value of having an effective team, and whether it’s global or local you need to focus on quality. It is great to talk to your team, and you should James Daniels Youth Jersey , but take care that you do not waste any time at all on the calls. Recording anything that is important, such as instructions, is really important; of course you can provide them with details in an email. How long you make the call is up to you, but it should not be an unreasonable amount of time. At the end of the call you can ask your team members to come forward with their questions, opinions, ideas and feedback. Follow up emails can be effective and make a difference Joel Iyiegbuniwe Youth Jersey , as well. So the calls are reserved for the more higher priority functions. This is why it makes sense to always prepare the material before the call.

You need to start taking advantage of today’s technology to assist you in managing your virtual team. There are software tools such as GoToMeeting that are specifically designed to help you have online meetings, discussions, brainstorming sessions, etc. Skype will allow you to have a conference call with your entire team if you want to share ideas or get updates. Leveraging these tools will ensure you have constant communication with your team without any limits. You need to diversify your communication channels beyond virtual solutions and the phone is still one of the best communication solutions possible.

Do not neglect helping your team with the use of positive feedback at every opportunity you get. You should not overlook this important aspect of running a high performance team.

When you give people the proper recognition, then they will feel motivated to do a better job. Also give positive feedback to team members who do not seem to be doing well. But waiting for 6 months to give feedback is not the way to go.

This article clearly shows how valuable a dedicated virtual team is to your online business and how effective the decision can be. If you have never employed someone virtually or have never outsourced anything, you will need to start somewhere because anything can be learned. The good news is that you can be ready pretty soon if you take action regularly.

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Nowadays Eddie Goldman Youth Jersey , we all know someone who has suffered from some form of cancer. Some of studies about animal cancer, it proved that cancer moved from breast to colon to lung to stomach, it seems that every day there is someone else we know who has been diagnosed with the disease. While on the outside, our friends, family, and co workers all seem strong Cody Whitehair Youth Jersey , on the inside, they are terrified, not knowing what the future will hold for them. Now, several different companies have come up with items to help them make it through. Cancer awareness stuffed animals have burst onto the scene with huge success, giving those who are diagnosed with the disease something to hug and talk to, when they just don't feel like talking to anyone else. These animals Leonard Floyd Youth Jersey , coupled with cancer awareness wristbands can help even the toughest cancer patient make it through.

Cancer awareness stuffed animals come in about every color that you can think of. From the normal black, brown, and white, to pinks, purples, greens Eddie Jackson Youth Jersey , and blues, you can always find one with a unique message to help uplift someone's spirits. Some of these bears, puppies, kitties, and other animals even have their own clothing lines that all sport wonderful pictures or sayings to help your friend or loved one make it through even the toughest of times. Cancer awareness stuffed animals can be a major helping hand to those in treatment.

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