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ave the confidence of the consuming publi

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ave the confidence of the consuming publi

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PRETORIA, South Africa -- The chief prosecutor in Oscar Pistorius murder trial on Monday alleged numerous inconsistencies in the athletes account of how he killed girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp last year, seeking to show that the athlete is lying when he says he shot her by mistake. Chief prosecutor Gerrie Nel also accused Pistorius of tailoring his testimony to fit the evidence at the scene. Pistorius denied the accusations. Nel alleged that the Olympic runner changed his aim with his 9 mm pistol to ensure that he hit Steenkamp as she fell back against a magazine rack in a toilet cubicle. Pistorius said the claim was not true, one of many denials he has issued in four days of unrelenting cross-examination in a pivotal stage of the trial that is being broadcast on television and followed globally by people who once admired the double-amputee runner for his international achievements on the track. Nels methodical questioning put Pistorius under intense pressure, and the athlete sometimes became distressed, which in turn only prompted his accuser to ask him if he was using his emotional displays to mask his difficulty in answering the questions. Pistorius testified he fired four times through the closed toilet door in his home last year after hearing a "wood" sound that he mistook for the door about to open. He said he thought an intruder was about to come out and attack him. Pistorius said that, in retrospect, the noise he probably heard was the magazine holder being moved by his girlfriend. Nel said Pistorius killed Steenkamp intentionally after a fight and is lying about fearing an intruder. He said Pistorius heard Steenkamp, struck by the first shot, fall against the magazine rack and that he used that sound to adjust his aim. "Im saying you heard the magazine rack and you changed your aim," Nel said to the Paralympic champion. Steenkamp was hit by three of the shots, prosecutors say, while one missed. "I wouldnt have heard anyone fall inside of the toilet while I was shooting," Pistorius replied to Nel, though directing his gaze to Judge Thokozile Masipa, who will decide on the verdict. The athlete faces 25 years to life in prison if convicted of premeditated murder. He twice broke down crying, once when he was asked to repeat the order to leave that he says he shouted to the perceived intruder before firing through the door. Pistorius sobbed and wailed again when Nel insisted that he knew he was firing at his girlfriend, who was allegedly hiding from him after they fought in the pre-dawn hours of Feb. 14, 2013. "I did not fire at Reeva," Pistorius said, crying as Masipa announced the days second unscheduled break. After the judge left the courtroom, Pistorius stood sobbing with his body trembling and turned away from the gallery. Nel also tried to pin Pistorius on whether he intended to shoot at the intruder, but Pistorius said he did not intend to do so and that he was terrified at the time. "I didnt have time to think about what I wanted to do," Pistorius said. That prompted Nel to question whether Pistorius was changing his legal strategy from "self-defence" to "involuntary action" and he later said Pistorius did not fire a warning shot. Pistorius said that when he shot he had no idea who was behind the door, in response to Nels remark that he didnt know whether a child, an unarmed burglar or more than one person could have been in the toilet. "You never gave them a chance, in your version," Nel said, building the prosecution case that Pistorius shot to kill. Pistorius was also accused of tailoring his version to fit evidence at the scene, with Nel painstakingly listing alleged inconsistencies in the account and alleging that Pistorius had "concocted" his version of the shooting. "Youre tailoring your version as youre sitting there," Nel said. He accused Pistorius of being a stickler for detail on some matters, in contrast to his frequent statements on the witness stand that he could not remember aspects of his testimony. Nel noted that Pistorius earlier said he warned Steenkamp to call police about an intruder in a whisper, contradicting later testimony that he spoke in a "low tone" and the prosecutor also said blood spatter evidence indicated that the athletes statement about the location of a duvet in the bedroom was false. Pistorius has said the duvet was on the bed, and that police photographs of the bed cover on the floor suggest that police moved it there after the shooting. Nel said a pattern of blood drops on the duvet and on the carpet nearby show that it was on the floor before police arrived, and that its location amounts to evidence that the couple had been having an argument. Ricardo Louis Jersey . Still, its a start. Josh Baileys goal with 1:40 left capped a furious third-period rally, and the Islanders edged the Penguins 4-3 on Friday night. Danny Shelton Jersey . Fans holding laudatory signs started showing up at Yankee Stadium when the gates opened at 4 p.m. Monday, an hour early in order to give them a chance to watch the New York captain take batting practice. http://www.footballbrownsnflprostore.co ... -Jersey/.Y. - Geno Smith still thinks of himself as the New York Jets starting quarterback. Custom Cleveland Browns Jerseys .28 mph. Logano will start on the front row next to Penske Ford teammate Brad Keselowski, who came in second Friday at 193.099. The Penske drivers swept the top two spots for the second straight race, reversing their qualifying finish in Phoenix a week ago. Jabrill Peppers Jersey . Jamies number grades given are out of five, with five being the best mark. Marc-Andre Fleury, Pittsburgh Penguins (5) – He was locked in all night, made huge stops on Benoit Pouliot, Raphael Diaz, Ryan Mcdonagh, Carl Hagelin, Rick Nash (twice) but none better than the three saves on Mats Zuccarello.Its been the World Cup that keeps on giving...that was until Uruguays Luis Suarez took a bite out of it and gnawed away at the competition. It wasnt quite a Zinedine Zidane moment, but it was against Italy and a bite, not a headbutt. They both leave indelible images that equally disgrace and puzzle on the biggest stage of all - the FIFA World Cup. The evidence is irrefutable: in the 79th minute of a scoreless match against Italy, Suarez did what hes done twice before on a soccer field. Suarez bit his opponent. At least, thats how the vast majority see it. Sure, an argument can be made it was a headbutt gone wrong and Suarezs teeth went first into his opponent. Although, Im not sure how believable that narrative is or what kind of methods of convincing would be necessary for one to buy that argument. A grown man biting another human being - let that sink in. This is Mike Tyson, now times three. This time the meal was Giorgio Chiellinis left shoulder. As previously mentioned, at first glance it looked as though the Uruguayan headbutted the Italian. From Suarez sitting on the field grabbing his front teeth, to the replays showing the motion of his head to shoulder and the marks left on Chiellinis body, adjudication of the crime should be elementary. Suarez is a serial biter. Requisite action and severe punishment is required. Uruguay scored the match winner less than two minutes later, sending them through to the round of 16. All Italy has is the marks from their battle. Suarezs disgraceful track record is as pronounced as his bite. The striker was banned seven matches by the Dutch Football Federation in 2010 after his team, Ajax, had suspended him for two matches for biting PSV Eindhoven midfielder Otman Bakkal. It was an in-your-face, lashing out kind of moment that ended in a munch. Much like Tuesday, the referee didnt see the incident and ignored the player pulling down his shirt to show the bite marks. Last April, Suarez was back at his biting ways, chomping down on the arm of Chelsea defender Branislav Ivanovic. The FA handed Suarez a 10-game suspension. Message thought to be sent. Biting isnt where the dirty laundry list starts or ends. Suarez drew international headlines in 2011 for racial remarks made towards Manchester United defender Patrice Evra during a match. These were disgusting words from a shameful individual. Liverpool FC stood by Suarez, excusing his unbecoming behaviour simply because he was their best and most important player. A safe haven was created inside Anfield. It was a backward step by the club in an era when the game is staunchly trying to stomp out racism in the stands and on the field. The FA suspended him eight matches and levied a fine. The message not sent as Suarez refused to shake the hand of Evra before a 2012 match at Old Trafford. Liverpool has been rewarded for their loyalty to Suarez by the player staying at the club, although threatening to leave along the way, and leading them to Champions League qualification this past season for the first time since 2009-10. Where is the motivation to punish internally when the rewards of appeasement are so great? The lesser of Suarezs crimes against the game came at the 2010 World Cup, soiling the quarterfinal match with a game-saving handball off the goal line denying Ghana a place in the semi-final. It was a sure goal Suarez saved like a goalkeeper; afterwards excusing himself by explaining it was his sacrifice for the greater good of the country. He was sent off and suspended for the semi-final. Asamoah Gyan missed the ensuing penalty and Uruguay advanced through penalties. Call it gamesmanship if you may and there is certainly an argument to be made Suarez did the right thing. Win at all costs, correct? Perhaps. The "cheater" tag does not easily wipe away. A noted lack of integrity and poor sportsmanship continue to haunt the player. The handball at the time looked bad on the sport, yet Uruguay was rewarded. No justice. Over the years, Suarez has been labeled a cheat, a diver, an irritator and an undesirable. He has been in locker-room spats and fan incidents. For all his talents, he is a stain on the game. Being the centre of talking points is one thing, biting and bringing the game into disrepute are other altogether. "Theyre things that happen in football, but it was nothing,&” explained Suarez post-match.dddddddddddd "Were all footballers." The fact he cannot acknowledge wrongdoing is troubling. Biting is not normal behaviour on the field or anywhere. Its primitive. Its disrespectful. This lame excuse comes from the same individual who claims he doesnt garner respect from those in the British media. “Too many people in England laughed about my attitude,” Suarez proclaimed after his two-goal performance against England. Character counts. He has none. Empowering and/or sheltering this individual simply make matters worse. He must continue to be exposed as the misfit he is. Excuse-mongering has ensued by individuals, including the media, saying Suarezs actions are no worse than high, dangerous tackles in the game. Those who are saying such drivel need to understand the injustice they are doing by downplaying the moment. A blasé attitude towards Suarez biting deserves a blasé response to their work. Suarez as three-times-a-biter cannot be defended. Attempting to defend shows a lack of understanding of the sport and, even worse, the human condition. Comparing likewise inexcusable acts is an exercise of misdirection and speaks to the contrarian approach many utilize to garner attention or a reaction from their following. The industry is suffering through this: its an infliction that comes from market competition. “Suarez is a sneak and he gets away with it because FIFA want their stars to play in the World Cup,” said Chiellini on the bite. In fairness, its difficult to put this on Mexican referee Marco Rodriguez. One man on a field cannot see everything. The pressures of the moment make it understandable why he couldnt comprehend and react to what happened when a player pulls down his shirt to claim he was bitten. Its been said in this space before, two officials are needed on the field to properly officiate a game that has become too fast on a field too big with too many flashpoints. Same goes for the other controversial calls on the day: Claudio Marchisios sending off and Greeces late penalty. These two calls will be hotly debated, rightly or not. Two referees, rather than one, have a better shot at getting it right. Four eyeballs rather than two have a better chance of catching a biter. Chiellini does raise the point about star treatment. Simply because one can score or save, jump or run better than most should not mean preferential treatment. This will be a test for FIFA to act swiftly and appropriately. FIFA already fails to have the confidence of the consuming public. Most watch despite dysfunction and mistrust. Failing to punish Suarez would continue to perpetuate the sentiment that FIFA does as FIFA pleases. There is a public relations element to this as much as it is about throwing the book at a serial degenerate. What is an acceptable punishment? How do your come up with a rational response to an irrational situation? No more Suarez this tournament should be a given. How about a suspension for a two-year international cycle? It sounds about right. But what changes? Many will continue to excuse his behaviour because hes really good. Suarez will continue to live in a bubble of denial. And there will be those around him like Uruguayan teammate Diego Lugano who said “You couldnt have seen (the bite) today because nothing happened.” Ignorance is bliss. The footballing world will not ignore. Brazil 2014 has captured the imagination with the goals, the dramatics and overall exceptional play. Suarez in Natal will trump all and thats not right, nor good for those individuals the game has captivated like never before. Suarez is not needed at this World Cup. He is not needed in football. We are worse off suffering through his petulance. The problem is, because he is an exceptional talent and can score, this petulance will be continued to be accepted as collateral to success. He will continue to be coveted. Liverpool will celebrate his play, as will his native Uruguay. The rest of the world will shudder. A villain in sports is a good thing when the venom comes from a place of competition, not shameful acts. There will be other great players. There are others right now to be celebrated. Enough of this Suarez. Weve had enough. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys Jerseys From China Wholesale NFL Jerseys Cheap NFL Jerseys Cheap Jerseys ' ' '
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Re: ave the confidence of the consuming publi

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